Are you ready to expand your frequency even more, tap into your highest vibration intuition, and get into total alignment with your best self?
The Retreat At The Exclusive Miraval Resort For Business Leaders & Executives Is Here To Support You In...

💫 Installing and anchoring in the frequencies of Joy, Love, Peace and Abundance and take them with you wherever you go, (every day - all the time!)

💫 Increasing your body's vibration so that you can hold more light, more easily and feel great in your skin all each and every day, (you'll probably even drop a few pounds) 

​💫 Re-connecting to the truest parts of you that long to be fully expressed, (yes your heart is one of them along with pleasure, delight and vibrant health!)

​💫 Unlocking your highest levels of self love & intuition so you'll have unshakable knowing and trust as you step even more fully into your role as a leader of light, ( and way-shower on this planet!) 


🌟 Do you want to step fully into your divine life’s purpose without any more holding back?

🌟 Do you want to activate you true source of power, highest vibration intuition, inner peace and knowing? 

🌟 Do you adore, mystical experiences, sound healing, energy work, meditation, movement, and the most nourishing foods?

🌟 Are you ready to let go of those old patterns, feelings, shadows, energies and emotions that bog you down? 

🌟 Are you ready to dig even deeper to authentically and completely create your fullest life?
If you answered YES - then I want to invite you to spend a week with me... 
 Let's face it...

You're a Light-Leader with a pretty big mission on the planet!

So why not...

Supercharge yourself with the high frequency energy...

Clear out any energetic clutter that may be holding you back from your best life...

And totally up-level your vibration and tune yourself to even higher frequencies of love and light...

Because you and I both know... 

There is NO "key to find" or "door to unlock".  

All you have to do is walk through the open door.  

When you do, you'll be held in energy that supports the biggest, brightest version of you.  

When you align with that energy, that's when total magic can happen in your life and things will transform quickly.  

You'll have an entire week with me, an expert guide, where you can let your worries go...

And you can allow your soul take center stage, guiding you to the highest, most light-filled version of what you're truly here to do.  

You'll look into the face of your shadows, fears and find that you have an inner strength and depth of power that is far greater than you can imagine.  

Let the wisdom of nature and truth of your soul come out to play 🦄

During our time together we'll be deeply focusing on three key areas that all leaders need extra support around no matter what level you're currently serving at...


    Re-set your vibration, and let your body delight as you indulge in daily movement, healing sound baths and soak yourself in the vibration of this magical land. 

    Re-boot your body & your health, with the most delicious and nourishing superfoods, fresh pressed juices and chef prepared meals, created specifically for your body’s needs.

    Re-charge your heart, & tap into your intuition with one-of-a-kind experiences designed to give you access to the deepest most divine parts of you... 


    You're invited to create a daily morning movement practice.  You might choose water aerobics in our heated pool, or go for a morning sunrise walk.  You can choose a little something different each day, or you can put your favorite on repeat.  But no matter what you feel is best for your body we're going to encourage you to begin your day with outdoor movement.  Alysa will be sharing her personal morning movement practices with you as well. 
    Sound Healing 
    End your day by lying down for an hour-long soundhealing session featuring channeled messages.  You'll be bathed each day with a delicious sound healing and essential oils as you get your entire energy system tuned to some of the highest frequencies of light. Sound is one of the fastest and easiest ways to clear energetic blocks, raise your frequency and totally upshift your life and we'll be doing sessions every day.  

    Reset with superfoods
    Fresh pressed juices & superfood smoothies are one of the highest vibration inducing things you can include in your daily routine. (It's made a huge difference for Alysa).  Which means we'll be enjoying fresh pressed juices & superfood smoothies each day specifically designed for your body, to nourish each of your chakras.  Plus Alysa will share her favorite tonics and tinctures to keep your vibration high and your energy crystal clear. 

    amazing meals 
    Each day you'll have two gourmet meals prepared for you by a Whole Foods Chef (cost included in your package). Each meal will be free from gluten, dairy,eggs, corn, soy and sugar.  You may choose from vegan or animal protein options (any other dietary concerns accommodated as well).  
    Ample downtime 
    You'll have ample time to lounge by the pool, take a walk in the mountains, or explore the mysteries of the universe as you walk the labyrinth.  Be sure to take your journal for the massive downloads you're going to get! 



    Enjoy, Miraval’s all-organic “farm to treatment table” body ritual begins with a grapefruit kombucha body wash, then an anti-oxidant-rich Hawaiian noni and lime sugar scrub. Your freshly exfoliated skin is treated to a mineral-rich Spirulina body clay that combines sweet almond oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E. The grand finale is an application of an argan avocado oil, green tea, and grape seed butter blend. 
    One of the experiences included in your package is a Quantum Leap. Expand the boundaries of your comfort zone and relearn trust with a leap from a 25-foot pole or choose to zip down a zipline.  

    Either way, your vibration will never be the same. 
    journey to yourself
    The Journey to Self is an archetypal story pattern in which a hero goes on an adventure, faces trials and temptation, grapples with a crisis, and undergoes a transformation in consciousness before returning home. Guided by our trained equine specialists, walk horses through a series of obstacles that represent challenges and triumphs from your life. Reframe your experience and become the hero of your own personal journey.



    💫 8-10: Breakfast, bird watching, morning movement & meditation

    💫 10am - 4pm: Daily excursion & energy work (lunch included) 

     💫 5pm: Dinner (chef prepared) 

     💫 6pm - 8pm:  Journal & integration time 

     💫 8:00pm: Sound bath & essential oils

     💫 8:30pm: Free time, swimming, hot tub


     ✅ 4 1/2 days with Alysa your personal guide 

     ✅ Fresh pressed juices & superfood smoothies

     ✅ Breakfast & dinner prepared by a whole foods chef

     ✅ Unique morning meditation sessions

     ✅ Daily sound baths with essential oils

     ✅ Transportation for all adventures 

     ✅ *2 Day passes at Miraval Spa + $175 spa credit each day

     ✅ 2 adventures at Miraval with Alysa 

     ✅ Ample down time, journal & goodie bag curated just for you

     ✅ Custom blended essential oil crystal roller made just for you so you can take this experience with you every day!

    3 months of follow up coaching support & energy tune ups. 


    •  Your round trip flight
    • ​Your accommodations (we recommend staying at Loews Ventana
    •  Spending money 
    •  Alcohol (we recommend you abstain from any alcohol) 
    •  Additional spa or massage services 
    •  Additional meals not listed above
    • Other non-included items such as souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, spa services, laundry, bell-boys, and tips for your room maid 
    •  Personal, medical or travel insurance
    DETAILS & Flights
    Retreat begins: When you are ready!  *Only One Spot Left*
    Airport to fly into:  Tucson International Airport


    Alysa Rushton
    Alysa is an energy intuitive, ascension guide, retreat host and long time business & energetic coach to 6 & 7 figure business owners. 

    Her breakthrough work for personal and planetary evolution can be found in the recorded programs like Reality by Divine Design and The Miracles & Manifesting Portal. 

    Alysa's biggest gift is to help you tap more fully into your intuitive nature, raise your vibration even higher, open your heart fully and remove the blocks that might have been standing in the way of your best life.

    Her retreat philosophy is that YOU already have all the wisdom you need inside of you -  and you'll learn to access what's already there. And of course, Alysa shares her favorite methods of amplifying your vibration, boosting your health & vitality so you can make an even bigger impact in this world.  


    Katie Peuvrelle
    High Performance Coach For Executives 
    & Author of Leap
    Alysa as a guide and energy healer has a true gift for creating experiences that are unique and that help to facilitate you getting deep into yourself and healing core wounds and physical aliments.  

    Everything in this retreat seemed to have a magical quality and it felt like being sprinkled with fairy dust. 

    Alysa showed me how to work with the frequencies of the "Universe" and showed me how to utilize them in doing the big work I'm here to do. Since my retreat I've had the experience of spontaneously feeling so much lighter, more joy and more ease... and feel like I'm consistently in 5D.

    And the best part is that I can bring that new energy into my work with my high performance executive coaching.  Thank you for the confidence! 

    Michael James Garber 
    Creator of The Phoenix Program 
    Owner of The Lighthouse Ashland

    Working with Alysa was like being held in the womb of Creation. Her loving presence held me in a powerful container that allowed me to open to a greater potential. 

     Her laser focus helped me to see parts of myself that I had been avoiding for years & transform them. I was able to reclaim parts of myself that I had left behind years ago. Truly transformational!

    Since working with Alysa, I have launched myself full force into my passions. I have clarity on my purpose and the initiative to follow the deepest desires of my soul. In this renewed alignment, I feel unstoppable in the manifestation of my dreams.

    I was able to create a true heart centered business that supports lightworkers on so many different levels of mentorship. I even opened a cultural center for awakening where I now lead others in deep processes of multidimensional awakening. And now I'm well into the high 6 figures making my way to 7 all while being so aligned! 
    Stephanie Beebe 
    CEO InflowCEO
    If you're feeling called to do this work with Alysa - do it! She is a genuine leader, guide and healer that will help you tap into your souls depth and help you create more playfulness and growth all at the same time.

    And the powerful vortexes she takes you to can accelerate and bring you into a deeper connection with who you are called to be in this world, your mission and your highest destiny timeline.

    Since my retreat with Alysa I've deepened into my own magic and manifesting powers and I'm helping leaders grow on an even bigger level now. 

    Amy Jacobs Lippman
    CEO Marketing For Health Coaches
    Working with Alysa this year has been a game changer for me and the employees in my business. 

    Alysa has worked her energy magic with myself and my employees and it's been incredible to see the shifts and alignments. My staff and all all feel more daily peace, ease and joy!

    On a business note, one idea she had already brought in 50K with little effort, and I've already exceeded last year's revenue by 37% Alysa showed me how to have the most heart centered year and it's been my best year yet (and that's during a pandemic). 

    Alysa's magical blend of energy work, soul alignments and business strategy has allowed me to be in more alignment, attract abundance, and feel more ease and peace in my business than I have in the last 14 years!
    Timo Drieger CEO Luxury Big Island Realty
    Working with Alysa was a must for me.  

    After an incredibly difficult & traumatic 2020, I needed to get my life, my business, my marriage & my mojo back.

    I set my intention to close 10 million dollars in business for the year and did 5 MILLION dollars in sales and booked another 17.5 million before our retreat was up.  

    At the retreat Alysa had me work on some things that I feel truly helped me rekindle my marriage.  I thought it was over, and almost like magic -- after doing the work with Alysa -- things with my wife and I are back on track. 

     And best of all I feel like I tapped back into the power of my heart and learned to listen to my intuition. 

    Have extra questions or just want to find out more? Click below to have a call with Alysa. 
    Alysa Rushton 2023